Why Career Counselling ?

A counseling program aids students in selecting the best career path based on their academic and professional preferences. Which alternatives are offered are determined by a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the student's knowledge, abilities, information, and experience.

In India, there is lack of knowledge and information regarding the different career opportunities open to children. Visiting a counsellor is not compulsory. As a counselor, I strive to create this safe and approachable space where individuals can approach me without hesitation and discover their unique character and potential. The benefits are many:

Making educated career decisions : Career counseling can give people accurate and current information about a range of career opportunities, employment trends, and school needs. People can use this knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their career choices.

Setting career objectives : Career counseling can assist people in setting specific, attainable career goals. As they pursue their job goals, this method can help people stay motivated and focused.

Dealing with any Conflict : Career counseling can assist in resolving any kind of conflict. Students need counseling in these instances because they feel strongly about any disagreements they have with their parents, peers, or teachers.

Finding the right occupations : Career counseling can assist people in finding the careers that best suit their abilities, interests, and personality characteristics. People can use this method to make well-informed judgments regarding their professional pathways.